Thursday, February 5, 2009

The craziness of my mind..

Federal Territory Day 1 Feb 2009. Finally I got my chance to try wall climbing. It is part of my achievement because this is something that I want to try since small. Love it and love to do it again. Even after this I need to do it by paying and my hand still feel kind of small pain from it. This time I also done flying fox, and this time is much higher and I really really afraid of high but still love flying fox, and when I climb the ladder, my feet and my hand cannot stop shaking, And I just keep climbing with my eye close (not through all climbing time). Haha funny.

But after I been at the top, and start jump, all my fear just gone and replace by excitement. To bad it's really end to quick. Want to try again "Yes love to but thinking bout climbing the high and shaky ladders again, no thank you". I’m not that brave. I love extreme game, but still with limit. Half of me want to do it badly and other half is too scared. Sometime I just follow my instinct, forget the fear and just do it. At lease one in lifetime. Well sometime I follow the scared of my mind. When something like that happen, of course I will regret it for not grabbing the chance.

At the age of 24 well almost 25 (is that too old), it feels like I just want to start my life. To grab any chance to fulfill my dream of life. Maybe my dream seem small to others, and suppose grab it while I still in school or college. But unfortunately, the chance doesn’t come to me, since most of my friend (all) not interested and no such of thing in my kampung. Alone and without the knowledge accept from TV. So dream is just a dream. Now, live in town, I got my own money, can walk on my own, one or two friend to company, enough information from Internet and friend, so this is the only time to make dream come true. Before get married of course.

So many thing want to do, so many thing need to bought, so many thing need to catch up, with a limit of time. I’m getting older. The elder in family keep asking the same question over and over again since its time for a girl like me to get married, with friend one by one change their world, have their own family. Arghh! So frustrated when think that time is not by your side.

What else I want to try: ice-skating, paintball, wall climbing (yup again), hiking or champing (miss this one), jump with parachute, drive plane, bungee jumping, snorkeling (really love it and to do it again), go oversea to catch snow fall, go to Japan to view Sakura, Singapore just jalan-jalan cari makan J, climb mount Kinabalu, visit all favorite place in Malaysia that I haven’t visit yet and so many else. And maybe not even half of that going to be fulfill.

But at lease that is my dream. Have my dream house, no need to be big and cozy and beautiful or expensive, just home sweet home even it small but at lease got everything that I need, dream my own laptop (well this will be fulfill in this week or so), dream my own car (I still can wait for 3-5 year depend on priority), a cool hand phone (not really too cool just let it be nice with design that I love and still have to wait 4-6 month) and all the small-small thing that is small to others but not for me. I just about to start my life.

1. Comment if you want to contribute to my dream (not through money but with information or join it too. But if want to contribute the money also can)
2. Comment if my English got so many mistake (ok even one mistake need to be corrected)
3. Comment if you are my friend and you are read this, pleaseeeee..
4. Comment if my word is so boring.


  1. sorry for the late response. i'm too bz nowadays and dont has enought time to spend my time here.hehe..

    1. haha.. no komen on this.

    2. i cant comment ur english coz my english worst too.

    3. Of cozz i'm ur fwen and i have dropped a comment oledi.

    4. I like it and next time.. try to post an english entry again. :)

  2. 1. Ko mmg slalu xnak join aktiviti aku.
    2. yer ker?
    3. hehe TQ tQ. U r truly my pren.
    4. maybe, depend on my mood.. Actually I'm trying too improve my english here. Just for fun.. Try to see if my word is Okay..