Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate being sick.

Oh no. Right now, my throat is swelling (is it correct word?), make me really difficult to talk, lucky me that my friend all going back to their home town so I don’t really have to talk, and my nose, oh so not happy with being sneezing all the day long and having difficult to breath.

My face feels hot, my nose is wet, I’m coughing and sneezing non-stop. Feel tired and want to sleep but cannot, thinking I don’t have time do my work and also this is the only precious time that I have before they came home. Thinking bout my bad habit for only can work in place free disturb. But now I’m sick, just great.

That is why I hate being sick. Well I really wonder is there anyone who love being sick. It makes me helpless, lazy, and uncomfortable. Not say for every food I eat feel horrible. And I need to take the pill (I really hate that). Not comfortable doing anything. Cannot enjoy myself, couldn't talk much and what else? So many thing I just goanna miss out, because of this. And I’m not sick enough to take MC. Thinking that I still have so many works to do and I have still doing it even in what ever condition I have been. But still thanks for that, that I’m still useful and have something to do to kill my bored.

What I want really to say is be thankful when you are healthy. So only realize that whenever you get sick.

Okay. I think I should stop here. So many sentence begin with and. I know my writing is horrible. But hey I accept any comment just to improve my English.

P/s: These are my first time I writing something in English and publish it. Hehe well I had written much before but never tell anyone. Maybe I should try for one, and whoever read this please comments. I try to improve my grammar and sometime (a lot of time) I always lost my word. Hehe silly me am not.

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